SAEON Graduate Student Network

Introduction to Python

Resources for the SAEON GSN Introduction to Python workshop with Matthew Carr,  November 2023

This workshop will cover some basics of using Python in conjunction with environmental data. Specifically focusing on where and how to download environmental data, basic data analysis such as calculating climatologies and visualizing data through maps, time-series and animations. The seminar will use ‘google colab’ which is a convenient platform for Python coding for anyone with a Google account. The seminar is intended for anyone interested in starting out with Python or would like a refresher on the basics.

Workshop Material

All the workshop materials (code and data) are available via this Google Drive folder
Please add this folder as a shortcut, so you are able to find this workshop folder and work with the scripts on your Google Drive. 

These are the scripts, for you to follow along in Google Colab

Sea Surface Temperature

Atmospheric Data

Sea Surface Temperature Annimation

Ocean Currents

Watch the video of this session

Using the resources above try and follow along!