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An introduction to marine image annotation using BIIGLE 2.0

Resources for the SAEON GSN Introduction to marine image annotation using BIIGLE 2.0 workshop with Luther Adams,  October 2023

This workshop will cover some basics of marine image annotation using BIIGLE 2.0 .  Luther Adams is a benthic ecologist with expertise in marine image annotation. Currently, he is the marine ecosystem scientist at the South African National Biodiversity Institute where he curates the invertebrate reference image and occurrence database. Since taking up this position he has been developing workflows and tutorials for image annotation for a number of image sampling protocols including but not limited to remotely operated vehicle, drop and towed camera images. Over the past few years he has given in-person image annotation training workshops to students and interns from DFFE, CPUT and UCT.

Should you have any questions about Biigle and image annotation you are welcome to contact Luther ( 

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